PCMaziacs (remake)

Welcome to my small project: a Maziacs remake written in pure C using the SDL Library and portable to Linux and Windows systems. You have some screenshots at the end of this page. All the game logic is implemented and I can say the game is almost finished (maybe 80%).



You can download the source code for Linux and a Windows binary here:

The game is almost finished. Two annoying bugs have been corrected, and the game will ready to be packaged/compiled for Linux/Windows platforms soon, after finishing credits, changing the main menu, and adding help/instructions.

If you want to give me a hand, just download the source code and read the TODO file. If you find any way to fix any bug, do it and send me a patch. Just contact me before touching the code so that I can help you about the code structure and where to look :-).

In order to compile PCMaziacs You'll require GCC (or Mingw32 for Windows) plus SDL, SDL_Mixer, SDL_Image and mikmod (for the music).

Some screenshots

 Game Menu

 Map view

 Modern graphics set

Project Status

PCMaziacs is not finished. It has a couple of bugs and the game still can't be completed. Currently I've stopped the development. Is GPL software, so you can help to finish it :)